Optometric Associates carries a wide variety of eyewear and contact lenses. We offer both nonprescription and prescription options, and our experienced opticians can provide you with the service and advice you just won’t get at an outlet or big box store.

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Eye Emergencies

Fortunately, there are only a few true ocular emergencies. However, it is sometimes difficult for individuals to know if their condition needs immediate evaluation or

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In its early stages, glaucoma is a symptomless disease of the optic nerve. Most cases of glaucoma have a genetic origin, but there are several

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Dry Eye

Dry eye is a chronic condition in which the body does not produce enough tears, or poor quality tears that don’t sufficiently lubricate the eye.

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Retina Exam

A retinal exam – also referred to as an ophthalmoscopy – is an in-office screening used to examine the back of your eye. Checking the

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LASIK Comanagement

LASIK is a laser eye surgery used to correct refractive errors of the eye. Patients usually opt for LASIK when they tire of wearing corrective

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